Quick and Effective Hair Thickening Treatments

Hello Lovelies, I do hope you have had success with growing some new hairs from previous articles.  Growing hair from scalp to full growth does take time.  In the interim, you can use hair thickening products  while the baby hairs are achieving full growth.

I’ve done previous articles on thickening treatments, because it is part of the complete solution to achieve thicker hair more rapidly. Many products are effective, but I have not been satisfied with some of the residual effects from the over-the-counter hair thickeners I’ve tried.  Specifically, I’ve had some issues with stickiness and unmanageability the day after, which requires another wash (I don’t like to wash every day) or just piling my hair on top of my head.  Additionally, I was using products daily, which can become expensive.

ooo… Thick Hair!

I have two treatments you may want to give a try.

The easiest and really effective treatment is also super-cheap – baking soda!  This will make your hair crazy thick.  Because this can be drying, I recommend adding it to your conditioner.  Mix a tablespoon or two (depending on length of hair) to your conditioner, mix, and use your conditioner as usual.

Drawbacks (yes, of course):  This can be drying so using a heavier conditioner yields better results for me (especially because I have dry hair).  I also avoid using the mixed conditioner on the ends of my hair.  This will also leave your hair pretty unmanageable the next day, so you’ll likely want to do a conditioner wash the day after.

The second treatment is much more subtle, but more versatile and will improve hair quality.  This leave-in treatment can be used on wet or dry hair.  It is full of healthy ingredients so you can use as liberally as you’d like.  However, the oils in this recipe may cause issues so you’ll likely want to experiment with amounts until you get what works for you.

Drawbacks:  You have to make it and it’s a multi-step process. However, it makes a gob and it should last a long time.

The basic recipe:

“Hair Food” Recipe

Equal parts of strong horsetail, green tea with matcha, and comfrey tea – 1 ½ cups (1/2 cup of each)

I use Good Earth Green Tea with Matcha

1.5 cups aloe vera juice

Helichrysum oil – ½ tsp (optional)

Argon oil – ½ tsp

Make teas with double amounts of leaves/bags to boiling hot water.  I use 2 bags or two tablespoons of leaves.  Let it sit overnight or eight hours.

Strain leaves (if needed) and add remaining ingredients.  Mix well and put in a spray bottle.  The matcha in the green tea makes it smell great!

Like stated above, spray as liberally as you like – root to ends and work in.  It will strengthen and provide a little thickening/dimension.

Great stuff here – for short term fixes and for improved hair strength!  Enjoy!

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