Six Head-to-Toe Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of those holy-grail grocery items that natural girlies should not be without.  Organic ACV is ideal for all of these, but is more expensive than the “regular” kind.  The best organic ACV is Braggs, available on Amazon here.  I have found that sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether it is organic or not.  Even white vinegar works for some of these – not for all.  Let’s run through the six uses.

1.       Skin smoother – If you read my “bump” post, you know this one.  ACV works fantastic on smoothing and exfoliating skin.  It is an acid, so it does a decent job of clearing dead skin and other build-ups our skin may have.  It is not extremely caustic, so use a dry washcloth while applying and be a little… assertive with it (yeah, assertive).  There’s more detail in my bump post on the how-to specifics.  Read it – the test is on Tuesday (ha-ha!)

2.       Blackhead remover – Similarly, rubbing ACV on the face will open pores and clear blackheads. (Why is the nose the land of blackheads, anyway?)  Some hot water and a little “expressing” will be required to finish the task.  Use ACV like you do on the rest of your body, but be a little gentler in exfoliation to avoid any irritation.   

I’ve stuck with using my organic ACV on these two.  It’s worked so well and I use so little that there’s minimal cost savings by switching.  Why fix what isn’t broken?

3.       Callus remover – Pinterest has a gob of these out there for ACV callus removers, ok?  I did the bread-soaked ACV wrapped on my monster callus on the ball of my foot. It did a reasonably good job, but I found the wrapped bread on my foot rather bothersome.  Worth a try if you have a tough callus.  This is one where I would use white vinegar as I bet it would work the same, because I believe it is about the acid content.  #4 works just as well with white vinegar.

4.       Pedi soak – Like I said above, any kind of vinegar will do.  Combine equal parts of mouthwash and vinegar, and add the same amount of hot water (example:  1 c mouthwash + 1 c vinegar = 2 cups; add 2 cups of hot water).  Soak until you’re sick of it (at least 10 minutes) and dry.  May have to pumice a bit afterwards.  Claimed to be amazing.  For me, not so much.  It was aight.

5.       ACV for hair – use alone or in combination with other products (like coconut oil or baking soda) to cleanse as well as condition hair.  Make sure you rinse well as the smell will linger.  Mixing equal parts of ACV with coconut oil and baking soda will eliminate the smell issue.  I do use organic for my hair; using regular ACV would probably be ok for this.

6.       ACV for health – just drink it.  I’ve tried dozens of times to drink it straight, and I cannot get it down.  Combining it with a little juice (like cranberry or pineapple), or lemon and honey makes drinking very do-able for me.  I drink lemon juice with ACV, ginger and honey every morning.  You don’t have to drink much, and it really does help with bloat and other tummy troubles.  For me, the jury’s still out on any substantial weight loss or other benefits.  Here’s my quick recipe/instructions:

ACV Morning “Cocktail”

 ~12 oz water

2 tbl lemon juice

2 tbl ACV (I would recommend organic for this)

1 tbl ginger

1 tsp honey

morning cockail ingredients
I use an old water bottle so I can just shake and drink every morning…

Shake/mix well – drink ~2 oz. every morning.  Done and done!

Inside and out – head to toe – ACV is a must have for cleansing and exfoliation.  Organic ACV is more expensive than regular, but the price versus how long it lasts makes it a worthy investment to me.  Please share any other ACV tips or questions below!  Thanks for reading…


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