Get Rid of the Bumps!

Hello again my G-Girls ~

Hope all is well.  Busy, busy here at GGR, with the holidays fast approaching us.  With the holidays, at least here in the northern Midwest, comes… winter. It is cold and dry here for a good three months. And with the cold, the dry, the sweaters… bumps.  Skin bumps!

If you don’t get them, you’re lucky.  For me, a year-long battle, but the winter does make them worse.  I know folks who only get them in the winter.  Little bumps on my arms and legs.  They’re not pimples.  It is a condition known as keratosis pilaris.   It’s a build-up of keratin that doesn’t slough off.

They are a nuisance, but completely harmless.  However, if you start breaking them like pimples – they will scar. I have scars on my upper arms from my adolescent days before I knew what they were.

There is no cure, but various treatments are available.  And many are quite expensive.  But my dears, in one of my all-out wars to eradicate these – I have found the holy grail of smooth skin all over!  Easy and cheap!!

All you need is coconut oil (of course, ‘cause I use it for EVERYTHING), a dry washcloth, and organic apple cider vinegar (ACV).  Make sure the label says “with the mother”, which is unfiltered and murky, containing good bacteria and acids.

I have to stop here for a second… this remedy is NOT NOT NOT for shaving bumps!  Only for dry skin, acne-like bumps.

Before your shower, shake up your ACV and pour some on your dry washcloth.  Rub it into the skin on your legs, arms, fanny – wherever the bumps reside.  It’s actually good for all your skin!  Rub it in briskly – kinda scrub, but it should only take 2-3 minutes to do your whole body.

Shower as usual and dry – moisturize with organic coconut oil.  You should see a dramatic reduction after the first treatment and will probably be gone in a week.  Do it a couple times a week after that.  You’ll be surprised how soft your skin is all over from this treatment.

Done and done!  It’ll cost about ten bucks for ACV and coconut oil and they should last for three months or more.  Stay tuned because I’m going to do an entire blog entry on all kinds of beauty fixes using ACV.

I appreciate your visit – come see me again soon!

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