New Hair Growth Discoveries!

Hallo, Gorgeous!

So, since we last talked, I found some better products than the ones I shared earlier.  Nice!  The other ones were effective but I think the new arsenal of hair loss preventatives below are yielding greater results and are easier to use… bonus!  One is a supplement and one is a topical.

Pueraria Mirifica – Hair Growth and More!

I stumbled upon Pueraria Mirifica in my frequent, albeit random Internet searching.  This stuff claims to have numerous benefits, with hair loss reversal being one of them in a long list of potential fixes.  Generally speaking, it has positive effects on reducing menopause symptoms. It has an estrogen-like effect on the body, so it even claims to have positive effects on osteoporosis.

My personal experience shows improved hair growth and a dramatic reduction in menopause symptoms.  However, that may be because I’m finally done with menopause; so that benefit is not directly substantiated.  I do know that I have not taken my other “menopause-reducing” supplements in months but the moodiness, and hot flashes are still gone.  Hmmmmm…

As far as supplements go, I am a huge proponent and attempt to do a thorough job in research before I commit.  I have many I tried that have failed for me.  For hair loss, I continue to take Saw Palmetto along with the Prueraria Mirifica, but I only take it every other day.  This reduces any side effects and allows for effacy of moderate dosages.  It also is more cost effective.

Please do your research, but here’s a couple of links to get you started.

Doo Grow for Great Hair

Topical Holy Grail (insert angel chorus here):  Doo Grow Stimulating Growth Oil

Ok, this stuff is freakin’ a-maze-ing.  This product line is marketed towards women of color, but this old “color-less” chick is digging how well this product has worked.  And it is CHEAP!  I picked it up at the local Wal-Mart for less than six dollars.

I’ve been using this in lieu of other oils – like castor oil – with greater results and it is infinitely easier to use!  It’s light and not messy or sticky.  I use it the night before I wash my hair – I rub some in onto the scalp and into the hair in areas where I have noticed thinning (for me, mostly in the hairline – in the front and around my ears).  It seems to “soak in” – I can’t really explain it – but I don’t feel a lot of residue after I apply it nor do I notice it on the pillowcase.  And it washes right out!

These two new additions have given me not only more new “baby hair” growth, but has facilitated growth in new hairs.  In other words, I’ve now got baby hairs that are inches long.  This is significant.

Doo Gro has a number of products, not all of which I have found locally.  I do intend to try more in the future, but for now – loving what I’m seeing!  YAY!

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