Exercise? UGH! Just do it!

Have you been struggling with the weight and the little “mystery pooches” of fat that appear in the most curious places?   As many women, I have put effort into maintaining my weight all of my adult life.  Menopause can make weight loss tough.  Very tough.  The seemingly simple that seems to be virtually impossible.

I think… at least for now, I’ve found some methods that are working for me that are manageable, maintainable, healthy and not awful.  Let’s talk about these and I hope you share some of your best ideas with all of us!

  1. Exercise.  Find stuff you enjoy doing, and do it.  Even if you’re not an avid exerciser, you’ll lose weight trying to find an exercise you really enjoy.  I dance; maybe you enjoy walking, or kickboxing, or yoga.  The older we get, the less avoidable this becomes.  Ten or twenty minutes a day is better than nothing.
  2. Do strength training.  You don’t need a lot; 5 or 10 minutes a day will help.  There are so many benefits from reducing osteoporosis to burning more calories.
  3. Stretch.  Every day.  This keeps us flexible and reduces injuries.

Try to do 20-30 minutes per day and maybe you’ll do it at least four times a week… that’s pretty good!  Now, let’s make it worse… do it FIRST THING in the morning.  Then, it’s done and you won’t put it off all day.  It’s horrid but please believe me – you will be so glad you did it!  20 minutes!  Just do it!


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