Five Essential tips for Permanent Weight Control

There are a bazillion diets and which ones work?  Boy, there is no easy answer to that.  

Previously we talked about exercise, which is important regardless of age or weight.  But unfortunately, it is not the magic bullet for permanent weight loss.  Exercise has to be combined with proper eating for real results. 

I do not recommend any diet.  I follow five things and they have worked GREAT for me.  And, it took me years to find something that I could do indefinitely, was healthy and easy – for me, at least.

Ok girlies – here we go.  The five tips:

1.      Give up soda.  It makes you fat.  Diet or regular does not matter.  Kick it to the curb.  Try naturally flavored water instead.  Avoid the bubbles as they do create bloat.  Make it a habit to drink water.

2.      Reduce processed sugar.  Dramatically.  See my article on how to reduce sugar consumption.

3.      Eat vegetables.  As many as you can.  Don’t get too concerned about using butter or salad dressing.  Use it – and eat your veggies!

4.      Eat eight hours a day.  No more.  This was a game changer for me.  Literally… look at the clock at your first meal.  Eight hours later, you get no more to eat that day.  However, those eight hours you can eat all you want, but keep it to veggies, lean protein and some fruit and bread.  Even if you eat for nine hours, it’s ok.  Try to keep it as close to eight as possible.  I didn’t do this perfectly at first.  I reduced my eating time to 10 hours, then 9 and then 8.  I continue to do better some days than others, but sticking to 8-9 hours is really easy now.  Search intermittent fasting for more information.

5.      Cheat (a little).  Indulge a day (or two) a week to minimize feelings of deprivation.  Recommend you cheat on food but try to stick to the 8 hour eating period. 


What works for you?  We’re all waiting to hear from you.  Please post below or shoot me an email.  Thanks and ttys!

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