Effective Hair Growth/Restoration Tips (Part 2)

Hello, dahlings!  This is a follow up article to the “What’s Happening to My Hair?” post.  I hope you’ve been trying those tips and they’re working well for you.  Of course, it doesn’t happen in a week, so you’ll likely want to use some products to maximize hair volume and reduce the look of any “vacant” areas.

Please allow me a quick deviation because I was remiss in not talking about supplements in my previous article.  There are supplements on the market that claim to support hair density, growth, volume, yadda-yadda-yadda.  A generic supplement is called biotin which supports both stronger hair and nails.  It is also relatively inexpensive.  A quick search on WebMD claims that biotin is safe to take in recommended dosages with no side effects.

You may want to consider taking Saw Palmetto.  For me, this herb yielded significant results quickly; within a couple of weeks.  There are reported side effects with this herb that I have not experienced but please do your research.  Of course, please check with your physician if you are taking prescriptions or have medical conditions.

There are other supplements that have combinations of biotin with other vitamins/minerals that claim hair growth/density results.  I’ve tried a couple, and one was pretty expensive (over $40 a month) and I saw no results after three months.  Maybe I bailed on it too early, but I have better things to do with my money.

There are diet recommendations available on the web, which includes increasing vitamin A, (all) Bs, and vitamin C.  A quick Internet search for “diet for hair loss” will give you more specifics.

The return of your hair is exciting but it does take time from initial growth to full length.  Consequently, you may want to use some interim products while new hair is growing.  Products such as volumizers and fibers to camouflage thinning areas and create thickness will help you during the transition process.

Artificial fibers adhere to hair to create volume and hide thinning spots on the scalp.  Individual fibers are very small and not particularly noticeable as something “fake”.  The bonus is that this product provides both coverage and volume.  They are sold by hair color so you’ll have to select a color that’s close to your current color. This isn’t rocket science as the color choices are pretty basic.   Drawbacks include some stiffness and unmanageability after first day’s use. Overuse, particularly on very thin hair, can look artificial.

Volumizing products are generally like a mouse or serum that is applied to the hair to create thickness.  Like the fibers, there are tons of these on the market.  You may find some of these make your hair feel dirty the next day.  I’ve struggled with unmanageability after the first day.

Recommend you use fibers and volumizers sparingly at first until you get the look you want.  They are a godsend for a short term solution with minimal (to no) damage to your hair.  Be mindful to read ingredients to avoid alcohol and other products that may cause drying or damage with repeated use.

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