Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction.  Easily.

Hi, I’m Cin, and I am a recovered sugar addict.   I couldn’t go more than one day without some kind of sweet – candy, cookies, “Debbie cakes” (Little Debbie snack cakes).  Something.  And, when I didn’t have it handy, I would make up some crazy thing.  Like toast with cinnamon sugar, or bananas with chocolate frosting.  Everybody always keeps chocolate frosting in the house, right? 

I blamed it on my son (have to keep sweets in the house for the child and his friends).  He moved out two years ago.  Blamed it on my husband.  I don’t have one of those any more.  Blamed it on having to keep it on hand just in case someone dropped over.  Really?

Finally, I was only left with the chick in the mirror, and I see she’s sucking on a spoonful of chocolate frosting.  Oy… another bad habit to break!!

OK- if you haven’t noticed, I love-love-love chocolate frosting.  Just sayin’.  And I want the full fat and sugar kind; none of that goofy reduced sugar or low fat nonsense.  They’re just frosting posers.  I will have none of that!

So… what’s the most painless way to give up the sweets so I don’t end up in a fetal position whimpering in a corner somewhere?  That was my quest.  To the Internet!

Many diets, and books were revealed in my search.  I’ve tried the no sugar/no carb thing before and they yielded less-than-stellar results.  And it had to be easy; I found those diets torturous. 

Then I came across spinach extract powder.  Hmmm.  The more I read, the more intrigued I got.  I found it on Amazon and bought a large bag.  It wasn’t cheap but I thought if it worked it would be worth it. 

The bag was pretty huge.  It came with a measure and I started putting a scoop or two in organic blended juice.  It wasn’t delicious, but I could drink it and managed to do it every day for about three weeks.  It took that long for the sugar cravings to go away. 

It was weird – suddenly, I realized that I hadn’t eaten any sugar… in days!  And, I didn’t want any.  There was no longing for it; just couldn’t care less if I had it or not. This was about six months ago.  I only used the powder for about three weeks.

Today, I eat sweets on the weekends when I feel like it.  And if not – I don’t.  My relationship with sweets (even frosting) has definitely changed.  I do keep the powder on hand just in case I need a “booster” but to date, that hasn’t been necessary.  I can sit and watch other people enjoy sugary treats too and not have any sort of craving to join them.  Spinach extract powder worked wonders for me.

You may want to give it a try and hopefully you have as good success – I did!

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