Go Away Hot Flashes ‘Cause You Suck


Oy.  Those hot flashes can be unrelenting for some of us.  I was completely miserable day and night and after five years (yes, five), I’ve found some supplies and tips to make life a little more comfortable.  Maybe some of these will work for you.

Remedies:  I don’t know that there are really any remedies, but some herbs have proven to be effective for me.  Black cohosh seems to help and it is super cheap.  Brand or price seems to have no bearing on its effectiveness either (yay!).  I use black cohosh in conjunction with Nature’s Way Change of Life, which is an herbal blend that also contains black cohosh.  The combination has worked very well for me.  I buy it through Amazon for under $10! I have also noticed that since I’ve been taking these herbs for months, I can skip a day or two and my “thermostat” keeps working properly.

Coffee/caffeine:  This makes hot flashes worse, without a doubt.  And I am a coffee maniac and not willing to give it up.   If you drink it iced, it is not nearly as bad.  If you simply cannot do the cold tea/coffee thing, drink it in combination with cold water.  I found this to be the holy grail of my coffee consumption.

Essential oil foot rub.  A dear friend is getting significant relief using a combination of clary sage, peppermint and lavender essential oils.  Combine and rub on the soles of the feet once or twice a day.  Trying this….

Carry a fan.  We are blessed to have small personal fans available that aren’t very noticeable.  Personally, I carry the old-school manual fan in my purse.  Yeah, I’m all-like fiddle-de-de-southern-belle-I-believe-I’m-having-the-vapors thing.  I can rock it.  I found ‘em at a beauty supply store for a buck and I have them everywhere.  To me, it’s better that waving whatever I have in my hand at my face.  You may want to opt for the little battery-powered one instead.  I thought this one was sort of fun:


Nighttime.  Great goobily-woobily these are the worst!  The cooling pad on my bed helps somewhat.  So does keeping a window open.  Bla-bla we’re all doing that, right?  Ok, so the big helper is… a small chest cooler under the bed with a couple of those squishy cold packs (like for injuries) in it.  Yup.  I don’t even have to get out of bed.  I put them in the cooler before bed and put them in the freezer the next morning.  The cold lasts a long time and the packs themselves last quite a while too.  Instant, calorie-free relief.

I do hope you find some temporary relief with some of these remedies.  Let me know!  Unfortunately, not everything works for everybody so feel free to share your tips below!


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