10 Steps to a Successful Move

I just moved for the first time in 11 years and forgot how stressful this can be!  In my crazy –organize-y anal-retentive ways, I actually came up with some really good realizations about preparing for a move that may be valuable to you.

  1. Make a list.  Doh, I know.  But do make a list of everything need to do, including the date it needs to be done.  I did mine in Excel.  Include scheduling truck/movers, utilities, insurance, post office – everything you can think of.  As we get busy, we tend to forget things so a very detailed list becomes invaluable.
  2. Put everything that can go into a box into a box. Yup, makes it easier.
  3. Pack by commodity (i.e., “shoes”) or by room. Avoid putting multiple locations in a single box – even if you leave space in a box.  Better to do that because random content boxes are just a pain.
  4. LABEL the boxes… every one! Ideally, you want to put what’s in the box on the outside of the box.  Make an effort to be as specific as possible (i.e., “shoes and purses”) but if the box is filled with different things, specify the room of origin (i.e., “kitchen”).
  5. The very first boxes to be packed should be pictures and décor pieces (vases, knick-knacks, candles, etc.). These should go into boxes labeled “décor” and be the last ones unpacked.
  6. Two weeks away from the move, determine what you’ll need to live for the next 14 days and get the rest packed.
  7. One week away from the move, determine what you’ll need for the next seven days and pack the rest.
  8. It is likely that right before the move, you’ll have some boxes of random items because you’ll have a little kitchen, bath, and bedroom stuff. Box it up and label them something like “open first” because you probably need this stuff first.  Generally, that’s the way it works – the last stuff you pack will be the first stuff you unpack, and vice versa.
  9. Better yet, try to use your suitcases for all last minute packing. That makes the first to unload easily identifiable.
  10. Shoe boxes and toilet paper/paper towel tubes are great little holders in large boxes! I put my necklaces in toilet paper tubes and sealed the ends with packing tape – worked great!

I hope you find some information in my top ten list helpful and there’s lots of additional information via Pinterest or just Internet surfing.  Try to relax, prepare and keep up with the work to be done.  There’s nothing worse than hastily throwing stuff in boxes at the last minute and dealing with a mess at the new place.  Better to be prepared so you can be unpacked and comfortable as soon as possible!

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